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Brittany Bartz, MA, BCBA

Clinical Supervisor for Pleasant Prairie

BHCOE 2021 badge

Changing Lives Since: 2009
- Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)
- Master of Arts in Applied Behavior Analysis
  with a focus in Autism Spectrum Disorders
- Bachelor of Science in Psychology

- Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Health Coach
Fun Fact: 
I enjoy waterskiing and landscape photography in my free time.


"My journey with ABA began in 2009 while I was working towards my bachelor's degree in psychology. A close friend had been doing it for a few years and suggested that I try it. I had such a great connection with my first client and their family. It didn’t take me long to realize that I wanted this to be my career. In 2013 I took the plunge and applied for grad school. In 2015 I graduated with my masters. In 2016 I sat for my BCBA exam. Back then, I had to wait a whole month to find out if I passed (I did!). I started my journey with Sonnenberg Consultants in 2017. I will always be grateful for how much I grew as a clinician with this company, but I am most grateful for being able to see clients learn and grow every day.

"I have a strong interest in using ABA to teach health-related behaviors to clients and their families. I believe that combining overall health-improvement skills (healthy eating, exercising, stress reduction, etc.) with other life skills using ABA techniques is the future of Autism treatment."

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