How Sonnenberg is different than other ABA providers...

Our Mission:

  We are committed to encouraging and supporting out staff, clients, and families by taking action aligned with our core values of accountability, teamwork, communicating with respect, having a growth mindset, being solution oriented, and creating equitable access.

Our Values:

  • Accountability: We set boundaries and hold ourselves and others to them in ways that are consistent with Sonnenberg’s values. 

  • Teamwork: It’s not the strength of the individual player, but the strength of the unit and how they function. 

  • Communication with Respect: We communicate empathetically, compassionately and with acceptance. We take the other person’s perspective. 

  • Growth Mindset: What’s the next challenge? We encourage and recognize growth, development, and curiosity. 

  • Problem Solving: We focus on what works, and people are appreciated for contributing to the organization. 

  • Equitable Access for Treatment: The organization provides the same opportunity for resources and support to elevate each individual and strengthen the Sonnenberg Community.