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Adult Program
3-Tier System

Our Adult Program consists of three tiers.
Each tier is in place for participants’ personal skills and interests.  


Tier 1: Participants in Tier 1 receive little to no prompting from Adult Care Specialists (ACS). Throughout Tier 1, participants will complete tasks and continue gaining skills in pre-vocational, independent living, and social involvement.

Goals required to move to next Plan of Care: 

  • Transition Plan in place by caregiver

  • Participant is involved in future planning

  • Participant displays a variety of leisure skills 

  • ACS are able to continue to fade prompting and support


Tier 2: Participants in Tier 2 receive more support from Adult Care Specialists (ACS). This support may include prompting (written prompts, gestural prompts, and verbal prompts) to complete tasks. Activities of Daily Living (ADL), community involvement, and some pre-vocational skills may be of focus.


Goals required to move from Tier 2 to Tier 1: 

  • Demonstrate safety across environments

  • Planning for Future Transition Plan

  • Tolerate a variety of group settings without increased support 

  • Participate in leisure skills with minimal support

  • Community interests 


Tier 3: Participants in Tier 3 require 1:1 direct care from Adult Care Specialists (ACS) in all environments. Support is necessary to teach behavior reduction and replacement goals so that independence can be achieved across the areas of daily living, pre-vocational skills, and leisure skills.

Goals required to move from Tier 3 to Tier 2: 

  • Demonstrate safety in 1 out of 2 environments 

  • Behavioral Intervention Plan is shown to be effective 

  • 1:1 support is able to be faded so the ACS is 2-3 feet from participant 

  • Can tolerate a small group setting of 2-3 peers without increased support 

  • ACS are able to coordinate with the participant to gain leisure interests and preferences

If you are having problems with any of the forms or paperwork please click here to email the Client Coordination Director.

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