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Shar'mane Martin-Wilson

Assistant Clinical Director in Mount Pleasant

Shar’mane is Mount Pleasant’s Assistant Clinical Director. After completing her studies at the University of Wisconsin Parkside, she proudly obtained a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, along with a Minor in Ethnic Studies and a Mental Health Certificate.  

In addition to her professional life, Shar’mane is blessed with a caring husband and four wonderful children. When she is not immersed in her work, she finds joy in teaching Hip-Hop dance to individuals aged 3 and above. Family time is incredibly important to her, and during her free moments, you can often find her creating TikTok videos with her loved ones. However, there is one thing that truly holds a special place in her heart - Christmas! The festive season brings her immense happiness and is undeniably her favorite time of the year.

Shar'mane Martin-Wilson
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