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DEI, Mission, Values & Other Important Info.

DEI Statement

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Through our Values (Communication with Respect, Teamwork, Equitable Access, Accountability, Growth Mindset, and Pragmatic/Solution Oriented) Sonnenberg has an ongoing commitment to an iterative process of developing an inclusive and equitable organizational culture, protecting and supporting staff, protecting and supporting clients, and devising steps the organization will take to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Training Sonnenberg supervision and leadership teams undergo yearly training on conflict resolution as well as frequent reviews of this training throughout the year as needed. Sonnenberg utilizes Non-Violent Communication (NVC- also called Compassionate Communication) as a means for learning to actively listen, understand perspectives,  avoid judgements, and collaborate to meet the needs of both the organization, clients, and staff in accordance with Sonnenberg Values. 

Sonnenberg Mission Statement
Sonnenberg Core Values

Other Important Info:

  • Marketing & Media: All media including advertising, therapeutic materials, and training materials go through a final review process by leadership teams to ensure a diverse representation of persons. Sonnenberg aims to give representation of different age, race and ethnicity, gender, religion, language, economic conditions, and disability.

  • Facility Access: Sonnenberg building locations are ADA compliant. All locations have marked handicap accessible parking spaces. All building levels are accessible by ramps with handrails as needed. All stairways include handrails as well. Each location has wheelchair accessible bathrooms, both single unit bathrooms as well as multi-stall bathrooms. Alarm systems utilize both audio and visual alarms. Access to Services: Sonnenberg is dedicated to making our services accessible to as many people as possible. Sonnenberg provides services to many underserved communities, including adolescent and adult populations and Medicaid recipients. Sonnenberg offers translation services for Spanish-speaking families and employs bilingual staff at both the Technician and Supervisory levels. All paperwork used is available in both English and Spanish to ensure informed consent.

  • Partners, Vendors, & Suppliers: Sonnenberg chooses partners, vendors, and suppliers who align with the organization’s values. Leadership teams may review our relationship with any of these individuals or organizations at any time, and may opt to end the relationship at any time if the values of the individual or organization does not align with Sonnenberg’s values.

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