How Sonnenberg is different than other ABA providers...

Sonnenberg Consultants provides individualized treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Our comprehensive services include standardized assessments and therapy at our newly designed facility. We combine behavior management techniques with clinically appropriate skill acquisition modalities and immediately generalize into the natural environment to help clients reach their maximum potential.

The mission of Sonnenberg LLC is

to provide the highest quality of care

and education to serve the needs of

children and young adults with or

without disabilities. Our role is to

encourage and support each child

in all areas of development with the

appropriate materials and activities

in the domains of social/emotional,

cognitive, communication, behavior

and motor skill development.

With the involvement of our staff,

families and community members,

our children will develop the skills

and self-image they need for a

successful future.