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Haileigh Haugh, MS, BCBA

Clinical Supervisor in Pleasant Prairie 

Haileigh Mogan

Changing Lives Since: 2016
- Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)
- Master of Science in Psychology
with a focus on Childhood Development and ABA
- Bachelor of Science with a focus in Mental Health
- Certificate in Mental Health Counseling
- CPR and First Aid certified

Fun Fact:  
I love spending time outdoors with my family and want to get a camper someday.


"Hi! My name is Haileigh and I found ABA during my undergrad! I originally had wanted to become a nurse but then found Sonnenberg and quickly changed my major. I learned basic ABA quickly and realized how much sense it made and wanted to learn more and more. As these kiddos stole my heart, I decided to further my education and attend grad school to become a BCBA. I have met so many amazing people and kids through ABA and absolutely love what I do. 

"I am most interested in early childhood development and love working with ages 1-5. I love our littles and love to play with them and teach at the same time! I also work with our teenage clients in the after school program. These clients are always good for making me laugh. I love working with such different age groups and hope to continue and learn more!" 

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