3-Tier System

Our Life Skills Program consists of three tiers.
Each tier is in place for participants’ personal skills and interests.  



The Life Skills Program is designed to engage participants in skills and activities that will prepare them for their next steps in life; whether that be at a job, at home, in the community, adult programming, etc. While focusing on these specific skills, we continue to program communication, social, and behavior domains. This program has 3 tiers where participants master different types of programming that will help to prepare them for the next steps in their lives.

Tier 3: "Lower Life Skills" consists of individuals who range from ages 5 to 12. Within this track, our younger participants are working on the first phase of their programming. This track works to master programming that consists of, but is not limited to, daily living skills and prerequisites for vocational, community, and age-appropriate gameplay and leisure skills. The programming is designed to be the first stepping stone in their independent lives.

Objectives Include: 

  • Dressing and undressing independently

  • Independently completing age-appropriate, multiple closed-ended tasks

  • Completing age-appropriate grooming and feeding 

  • Independently completing age-appropriate chores 

  • Completing toileting with prompts


Tier 2: "Behavior Modification" consists of individuals who are school-aged and are in our program for an average of 6-12 months. Participants in this track are preparing to fade into a classroom setting. Programming within Behavior Modification focuses on decreasing challenging behaviors, engaging in coping skills, and tolerance programs while preparing them to return to academics.


Objectives Include: 

  • Understanding the perspectives of others

  • Independently completing age-appropriate daily routines 

  • Independently using coping skills 

  • Tolerance to completing difficult tasks for longer periods of time 

  • Participating in a group setting with faded support 


Tier 1: "Upper Life Skills" consists of individuals who range from 12 to 23+ years of age. Within this track, we program to generalize independent daily living, community, and vocational skills across different environments and people. Skills are generalized from the clinic to home and community settings. Upper Life Skills programs for the individual needs of the participant and their next steps as they transition into adulthood.

Objectives Include: 

  • Independently engaging in leisure skills 

  • Independently completing age-appropriate daily routines 

  • Independently completing age-appropriate chores 

  • Completing tasks in the community (i.e. grocery shopping) 

  • Prerequisites for job skills 

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