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Marie Johnson, MEd, BCBA

Program Director of Pleasant Prairie Comprehensive Services

Marie Johnson

Changing Lives Since: 2003
- Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)
- Master of Special Education
- Bachelor of Science in Psychology
- Safety Care Trained
- CPR and First Aid certified

Fun Fact: 
I love spending time with my 2 boys, teaching others, and reading to gain new knowledge.


"Over 18 years ago, I discovered ABA when my youngest son was diagnosed with Autism.  While waiting for his services to start, I decided to begin working as an ABA provider to learn how to better help him.  After just a few months, I fell in love with the children and the principles of ABA.  This was the career I was looking for!  Through my experiences with my son, I learned just how effective ABA could be, when done correctly.  When you use what is motivating to the child and enhance the strengths they already have, you can help them become their best and happiest self. Helping children with autism find their voice, fulfil their potential, and reach new heights has become my mission.

"During my ABA journey, I discovered just how important it was to me that all the children I worked with got the best, most effective treatment.  I started training behavior technicians and tried instilling a love for the work we do with these amazing children.  I was able to show new staff how effective early intervention can be. Currently, I specialize in early intervention (18 months to 6 years old) and giving parents resources to help them navigate the world of autism.  As a lead BCBA, I also train new supervisors to make sure that every child they work with gets the best services, and to ensure that future clients receive the most effective treatment."

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