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Pre-Vocational Skills

At this time, My Choice Wisconsin is the only funding source that will cover Pre-Vocational Skills


Step 1: Skill Building and Prerequisite Skills

  • Goals are developed from AFLS Vocational Skills Assessment & Personal, as well as adult member perspectives. 

  • Programming occurs in the clinical setting with individualized support from Adult Care Specialists (ACS). 

  • The following objectives are taught using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)  (i.e. modeling, promoting, behavior chaining, and feedback): 

    • Interview Skills (scheduling, strengths & weaknesses, prerequisite skills)

    • Coworker Relations (hierarchy, appropriate topics, bullying, feedback & suggestions)

    • Workplace Safety (hazard & danger signs, gross motor/fine motor)

    • Laundry (sorting, using washing and drying machines, folding)

    • Retail/Office Skills, Restaurant Skills, Warehouse/Tools/Landscaping


Step 2: In-Clinic Job Placement

  • Participants have the opportunity to develop their job skills in a controlled and supported environment. 

  • Adult Care Specialists (ACS) help to collaborate with participants to develop an individualized job plan pertaining to their interests in the workforce. 

  • Participants are provided with opportunities to work in various jobs throughout the clinic including janitor, office, financial, and hospitality services. 


If you are having problems with any of the forms or paperwork please click here to email the Client Coordination Director.

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