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Bekah Carroll

CR Institute Librarian

Bekah Carroll

Bekah is the CR Institute Librarian for Sonnenberg. Born and raised in and around Milwaukee, Bekah has been working with children since she started volunteering to help teach swim lessons at the age of 13. She started learning ABA in July of 2011, joined Sonnenberg in 2016, hiring on as a sub-Senior. She then became Coordinator at MP, helping with scheduling and running the Sonnenberg group curriculum. 

Having loved all different kinds of learning for all of her life, Bekah is excited to now be able to share that in the form of courses, slides, videos and all kinds of creative content for the Institute! She also helps out behind the scenes with the Client Services team, and is an active part of the People + Culture team.

Outside of Sonnenberg, Bekah loves audiobooks, gaming, swimming, being active in her church, anything having to do with dragons, and spending time with her four kids.

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