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Social Intentions & Community Involvement

  • Goals are individualized for participants to develop the skills needed to engage in the community with others using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)  (i.e. modeling, promoting, behavior chaining, and feedback). 

  • Outings into the greater community will help develop the following goals across various environments:

    • Stores (making lists of needs/wants, locating items throughout stores, asking for help)

    • Restaurants (how to order, how to tip, appropriate behavior)

    • Recreation areas (planning events, appropriate behavior, leisure activities)

  • Social Interactions occur across various environments in both small and large groups to help foster peer relationships. Skill development in this area consists of but not limited to the following goals: 

    • Reciprocal conversation skills with others 

    • Choosing appropriate friends and relationships

    • Determining appropriate behavior across various settings and people 

    • Developing conflict resolution strategies 

    • Understanding the perspective of others 

    • Identifying the emotions of themselves and others

If you are having problems with any of the forms or paperwork please click here to email the Client Coordination Director.

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